In these times, remote leadership is a hot topic on our agenda as well. We work with our clients on planning and developing their future teams and their way of working. Some of our clients are struggling how to deal with their future home office policies, as they feel that they are less connected with their employees.

For sure, as a remote leader, you can face challenges in the communication, productivity and performance management of your team. And this makes some managers hesitating whether they should still give the option to their team to work from home in the future. But offering a more flexible work schedule can bring lots of benefits to your organisation and shouldn’t it be easy to overcome the challenges?

When you have your team working remotely, it is key to stay accessible and visible. And it is important to keep all your communications as clear as possible. Your employees must feel secure and supported by the organisation. Therefore you must ask for feedback regularly; how they feel in their job, the status on specific projects, where they need extra help, and if they need more (or less) communication.

We believe that giving employees the possibility to work from home, also in the future, will increase their commitment, engagement, and performance. It creates a better work life balance and the environment to focus more. We experienced this ourselves and receive this feedback from people around; in our job as HR professionals and during our work as career coaches talking to people about when or why they will change their jobs.

Additionally, providing the possibility working from home, gives you the ability to hire the best talents from the market, no matter where they live. When you hire intrinsically motivated people and give them the tools to be successful, their location does not matter. Flexible work arrangements will boost your recruiting results and give you lower turnover rates.

What has been your experience so far? Would you keep this new way of working?