We have read an interesting article that we would like to share with the hiring managers in our network. The article describes the 6 predictors of strong Job Performers which can help you to select the right people for the job.

Each role you’re hiring for will have some unique skills and characteristics that signify a strong performer, and it’s important to know what those are. However, it’s also important to identify the key predictors of hard workers, top performers, and great employees.

The list in this article is just a place to get started. To further refine the predictors of job performance for your specific organization, look at who is performing well in your company. What skills or characteristics do they have in common? Use your list as a benchmark for future hires. While your candidate doesn’t need to have each characteristic on your list, it can decrease your risk of making bad hires.

Here are the 6 characteristics to look out for in your candidates, they apply across various roles and industries:

  1. Cognitive ability
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Growth mindset
  4. Active learning
  5. Creative problem-solving
  6. Track record of past performance

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